90% of Brain Development

By age 5, every child has already developed 90% of their brain.  ​

These first 5+ years are crucial for building the foundations that will affect how children learn, react, and interact with the world around them for the rest of their lives.

The Achievement Gap Starts Early

Children who grow up in poverty face disadvantages that hamper healthy development. 

A gap in early vocabulary development between children in poverty and their higher-income peers is evident as early as 18 months of age. 

Research shows that these differences have lasting effects on a child’s academic success later in life.

A Return on Investment

Investments in early childhood education help reduce the achievement gap, reduce the need for special education, increase the likelihood of healthier lifestyles, lower the crime rate, and reduce overall costs to society. ​

In fact, every dollar invested in high-quality early childhood education produces a 7-10% return on the investment.