2024 Early Learning & Kindergarten Festivals

The transition from preschool to kindergarten is one of the most difficult, critical, and yet exciting events in a young child’s life.​

Providing a smooth transition for a preschooler from the home and/or preschool environment to the elementary school can make a significant difference in how well the child adjusts to a formal setting.

The LBECE Committee aims to facilitate this transition process by providing families with the information and resources they need to support the health, safety, socio-emotional, and educational well-being of their child.

​Purpose of ELK Festivals

  • To increase parents’ comfort level with the formal school experience and lower anxiety levels
  • To support the home environment as the primary learning environment
  • To provide hands-on, teacher-modeled learning activities that can be replicated at home
  • To provide an opportunity for parents to gain district-related information such as kindergarten registration, uniforms, home school, school of choice, etc.
  • To provide an opportunity for families to receive [free] information regarding community resources that are accessible and beneficial such as the public libraries, ChildNet, before/after school child care, asthma assistance, etc.
  • To provide information regarding Transitional Kindergarten

Parent Information Sessions:​

  • How to help your child with Math skills
  • How to help your child with Literacy skills
  • Kindergarten Readiness Information
  • Transitional Kindergarten
  • LBUSD Information​​

Photos from Past ELK Festivals