In October of 2018, the City of Long Beach unveiled its Long Beach Early Childhood Education Strategic Plan (Strategic Plan). The Strategic Plan not only emphasizes the importance of supporting early childhood development for the direct benefit to young children, but also the broader socio‐economic benefits it makes possible for families and the community at‐large. 

The City of Long Beach Health and Human Services Department, in collaboration with Mayor’s Fund for Education, the Long Beach Early Childhood Education Committee, and the Long Beach Unified School District, put together a collaboration to create an Early Childhood Education Strategic Plan.

The ECE Strategic Plan provides an actionable guide for not only supporting local educational institutions, but also in-home providers, educational partners (like our non-profits and libraries), and families, so that all children develop the foundational skills they will need for future success.  

This comprehensive plan, developed by multiple stakeholders throughout the community, is a blueprint for collective action – one that compels all the partners, individually and as institutions, to dedicate their best thinking, energy, and commitment to making significant improvements for all children of Long Beach by removing barriers, considering the hole child, and ensuring that all children and their families receive the opportunities they need to succeed.


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