Thank you for considering Membership with LBECE! We are excited to have you join us!  Our members are warm, welcoming, collaborative, and committed to ensuring all children in Long Beach grow up healthy, safe, and educated.

Members represent a broad array of cross-sector, interdisciplinary and collaborative partners whose missions are to support early care and education services, build capacity, and expand available resources to meet the needs of the young children and families of the greater Long Beach area.  LBECE is a broad based collaborative, with 40+ members representing over 30 member organizations.  

Our members include: health, mental health, advocacy, parent support organizations, private child care, family childcare, LBUSD, our higher education institutes, Head Start, special education, our Long Beach City libraries, the Department of Health and Human Services, and many of our early learning programs.

Active Members

  • Active Members are committed to on-going participation in the activities and commitments conducted by the Committee to achieve its goals. Members will be considered “Active” if they meet Committee participation requirements, including participating in at least one Work Group.
  • Active Members will be eligible to serve as Work Group Chairs and eligible to participate in all “Active Member Only” Committee activities or events.
  • Active Members shall have the right to vote on all matters requiring a vote of the membership, as set forth in these Bylaws.
  • Active Members will be required to undergo LBECE Committee Orientation.
  • Active Members shall be eligible to serve on the LBECE Board Executive Committee.

Associate Members 

  • Associate Members are individuals wishing to maintain general affiliation with the LBECE Committee but who cannot/do not meet the attendance/participation requirements of Active Membership.
  • Associate Members will be eligible to serve on a Work Group but are not eligible to serve as Work Group Chair; nor are they eligible to serve on the on the Executive Committee.
  • Associate Members will have no voting authority.

General Participation

  • All Active Members are expected to attend all LBECE Committee meetings or arrange for an alternate to attend. 
  • All Associate Members are likewise encouraged to attend. 


  • Members may have no more than 25% unexcused absences each from the LBECE Committee meetings, or work group meetings. To be considered absent from a meeting, neither the Member nor his/her Alternate would be present. Members may excuse themselves by email to the LBECE Committee’s Secretary or Work Group Chair.

Work Group Participation

  • Participation in at least one (1) work group is required of all Active Members and encouraged for all Associate Members. All Members must choose their group by the June meeting. New Members coming onto the Committee for the first time, or Associate Members transitioning to Active Member status mid-year, must select their group within sixty (60) days of their application approval. 

Standing work groups include:

  •  Kindergarten Festivals 
  • Community Events
  • Public Policy and Advocacy 
  • Enhancing Quality/Professional Development 
  • Symposium 
  • Fund Development 
  • Marketing & Membership