The Long Beach Early Childhood Education Committee, established in 2003, is a non-profit organization ​compromised of educators, advocates and caregivers of children ages zero to five who work together to promote high quality early care and education in our community.

Members represent a broad array of cross-sector, interdisciplinary and collaborative partners whose missions are to support early care and education services, build capacity, and expand available resources to meet the needs of the young children and families of the greater Long Beach area. 

The mission of the LBECE Committee is to ensure that all children in Long Beach grow up healthy, safe, and educated.

The purpose of the LBECE Committee is to:

  • Enhance the quality of and accessibility to affordable Early Childhood Education (ECE) services;
  • Expand the base of ECE resources to meet the needs of families/caregivers and greater Long Beach community;
  • Enhance the resources to meet the needs of the ECE Workforce; 
  • Increase public awareness of the current and future economic, social, and educational impacts of ECE through advocacy and education;
  • Annually review and implement the relevant Activities within the City’s Early Childhood Education Strategic Plan;
  • Advise and make policy recommendations to the Mayor, City Council, the Board of Health and Human Services, the Commission on Youth and Children and other local, regional, and State entities;
  • Annually review the City’s legislative agenda with regard to early childhood education issues;
  • Promote coordination between the City of Long Beach, the Long Beach Unified School District, other County, State, national organizations, and community agencies.